About us


RWNLF is a Pune based “Not for profit” company registered under section 8 company act 2013. The company is founded by eminent scientists with the aim to bring the essential fatty acid “omega 3” back into the food chain. Omega 3 helps in controlling many degenerative diseases like cholesterol, CVD, diabetes, mental health, cancer etc. 

At RWNLF various omega 3 (ALA) rich products are manufactured. Omega 3 (ALA) is resourced from pesticide free, cold pressed flaxseed oil fortified with antioxidant Vitamin E. RWNLF manufactures and sells the products under brand name “ALVEL”. Our products include flaxseed oil, flax oil soft gel capsules, flaxseed oil emulsion (health supplement), omega 3 rich eggs, omega 3 rich chocolates & biscuits, poultry feed mix (EFM) for layer birds.